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I watch UFC fights from time to time and the fight between the Iceman and Rampage had been billed as the fight to see. Iceman on a mission, to redeem himself from the only three fights he’d lost in his career. Noble. I like the Iceman and I like Rampage (I think he’s a clown outside the ring, but a good fighter nonetheless) but the Iceman had won in the last two of three attemps to avenge himself against former losses. So, like any fight enthusiast, I watched the match and…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!

The Iceman bounced around the ring for almost a minute. WHAT! I mean, I was like “FIGHT ALREADY”. Even Rampage, was motioning to “let’s get it started”. And when the fight did start, it was over before you could get into it. Rampage popped him one good one, which knocked him out and then jumped on him and started wailing him out before the Refs ended the fight. People who paid money to actually go see this fight really got shitted out of a good match.

I can smell the rematch from here. Hardcore Iceman fans are gonna swear that he could have continued the fight,which is what the Iceman was whining to the Refs, but I saw it and he was clearly out of it. If they hadn’t jumped in Rampage was in prime position to wail his ass completely out. I keep playing it over and over and…yeah, he’s got knocked out…*replay*…yeah, he went limp and everything. It was quick but good ass whopping!

I expected more from the Iceman…I expected him to get his ass beat…but I expected it to be a hard earned “Ice” whooping!