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A couple weeks ago, I blogged about Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line Bitten  available at Steve and Barry’s clothing stores with everything under $19.98. For what the line promised, it seemed like a great idea. When I first went to view the line I wasn’t very impressed because the clothing line seemed to be full of just staple items. The things that every woman should have in her closet anyway…wait a minute…I think I just got it. This line is marketed to women on a budget, so that, guess what…they can have what most people consider staple items. A black dress, comfortable tops, lounge pants, cute tees and fashionable shoes, these are the things that make up our everyday wardrobe. Granted we all have our expensive designer threads, but do you really want to chase the kids in your $200 Seven jeans…as Whitney would say “Hell to the No”.

So after going back and just staring at every piece in the line, I finally gave in and bought a few pieces to test drive. I took the kids on a weekend trip to the beach and decided to try out some things like a pair of crop pants, white cotton shorts, and a couple of tops. The items fit really well and my husband commented that I looked slimmer in the clothes (well, that comment alone bought Ms. Parker’s line brownie points from me).  I spent a total of 50 bucks and got both outfits and a pair of very stylish sunglasses. As a woman on a budget…I was impressed. I have read a few other blogs and one of the complaints is that the clothes are poorly constructed, but I washed the clothes and they past the washer/dryer test so they have my vote for quality.  Most designer clothes come with that God awful “dry clean only” tag, that mean unnecessary ongoing cleaning cost.

Another things that some bloggers seem to be giving SJP a hard time about are her reasons for putting her name to this line. I think many people forget that Sarah Jessica Parker grew up poor, as is mother didn’t know how she was going to dress all six kids, poor.  So when she says that she fashion shouldn’t be a luxury, I believe she really feels that way, because she knows how it feels to be the kid whose parent’s can’t afford the designer clothes.  I actually found a new level of respect for her for that. It’s obvious that she loves high fashion, but I’m glad at that she and Stephon Marbury both have not forgotten that everyone can’t afford to spend $125 on shoes or $500 on one outfit.  When people think of Sarah Jessica Parker they only see Carrie in  Manolos sashaying around the streets of Manhattan in something from the latest Chanel line. It’s good to see that Sarah knows where she comes from…you know, she hasn’t forgotten the poor people, lol.

Retail is a business and I don’t care if you sell merchandise for $10 or $10,000, your goal is to make money.  Why should this business venture be a charity case for Sarah Jessica Parker.  Undoubtedly Sarah Jessica is a great businesswoman, I mean, the girl was smart enough to ask for her entire wardrobe from the Sex in the City when renewing her contract…top designer clothing for free…genius. So of course, she is lending her name to make money…she’s no fool and she’s no different from someone like Beyonce lending her face to her mother’s House of Dereon line. If you think that Ms. Beyonce isn’t cashing in on that deal your dead wrong. I don’t think we should judge someone negatively for something either one of us would do given the opportunity.


Finally, I stop into Steve and Barry’s and check out the new additions to the line am glad to report that new items are added weekly and the staff says that it’s selling really well. The items seem to have become more fashionable and I found some very cute tops today…yes, I bought them, lol. I, occasionally splurge on a designer outfit but those days of an entire wardrobe of designer label are long gone.  I love the line, but I am a mom on a budget.

Sarah Jessica Parker has just given me another reason to love her. She has launched a new affordable clothing line available only in Steve and Barry’s, called Bitten. Now, unlike every other celebrity’s slapping their name onto a clothing line that you can only afford via your credit card, lol, nothing in her 500 piece line is over $19.98. I know what your thinking…$19.98 well how good can it look for that price, or your just saying eeewww that is sooo cheap, but that is what’s great about the line. The clothes are cheap as well as fashionable and good quality. Let me tell you, I once worked in a shirt factory and they use the same materials and machines to make your $200 True Religion jeans as they do to make a pair of no name jeans coming from Wal-Mart.

I love that Sarah Jessica Parker grew up poor and knows what it feels like to not be able to afford designer or even nice clothes. So, she can relate to the family on a budget even though she is a fashion diva. She says she this line is made for every woman, with every budget, of every race and every size. Hopefully, her line will do well. I’m going in the morning to see the line first hand. I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve seen the line up close. Check it out for yourself: