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Category Archives: Soapbox

Because everyone needs a soapbox…this is mine.

Today’s Friday Funny comes courtesy of YouTube and is as cute as it is funny.

4/25/2005 GMA Performance

For the past week Mariah Carey’s ego has been on Super Diva with her showing up to an album signing two hours late and then not even signing all of the CDs after fans had been promised she would and let’s not forget how the claws came out when Leona Lewis was compared to her. But today Karma bit Mariah in the butt when her back up track began started at the first verse instead on the intro. For a moment, you could see her inner Diva boiling over but professionalism prevailed and she improvised and at one point towards the end she sings to her backup singers to stop singing her part. On a good note, the dress she had on was very pretty and though it was short it was still less trashy then her usual attire, but if you can’t walk down a few steps without help then you really need to rethink your shoe game or at least practice before you go on stage.

Comeback by Kelly Rowland

Work by Kelly Rowland

I was skimming through the blogs and ran across the “new” Kelly Rowland video for the song Comeback posted on Concrete Loop that is supposedly released in conjunction with her re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly. Well there are a couple parts missing in her top half that make it clearly obvious that these are old videos featuring a pre-op Ms. Kelly. I’m glad she put out a video for Comeback, which should have been her first release off the first release of her album. I went back and listened to the Ms. Kelly album again and even though I am rooting for Kelly, like a high school cheerleader at a football game, I have to admit that it is chopped full of love songs sounding like some woman afraid to let some deadbeat guy go. But that’s neither here nor there, Kelly need all of the advertisement she can get so here you go. I’ve done my part to help. One thing that can be said about Kelly Rowland is that her body is fierce and face is flawless. You betta WORK, girl!

Usher Make Love in This Club

Well it all comes out in the wash doesn’t it?  A week or so ago blog after blog was posting about how R&B superstar Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, was acting a fool on the set.  Supposedly she was there in a professional manner and not just as the cling-on wife as the stylist for the shoot, and she was reported as dressing Keri Hilson like a hot mess, in an attempt to make her look less sexy in the video beside Usher.  So of course that prompted a Lil Looky Lou like me to check out the video to see if, in fact, the wife toned down the video vixen part that Keri Hilson was playing….

….what’s the big damn deal!!!  Judging by the video Tameka dressed Keri Hilson rather well. Keri Hilson is an R&B singer, not the average video girl so my question is just how did they want Tameka to dress her?  Did they expect her to have her in a two piece bikini or  a skirt so short we could see her thong?  Did they want her topless with pasties covering her nipples sporting a pair of bootie shorts? Give me a F*cking break!  This is just another case of word of mouth getting out of hand.  I think everyone wants Tameka to be insecure and it’s much easier to make people believe that an older woman would be jealous and petty when she dating a younger man and there’s a younger woman in his presence.  If an older woman has a younger man then she’s not worried about a young girl taking him because she already knows the games and tricks that the young girl is still trying to figure out.  Usher is off the market ladies…live with it.

I think Tameka did a great job of making Keri look both sexy and classy at the same time. Showing that you don’t have to be naked to be sexy. Kudos to both women for that.

Dave Chappelle 1997 San Fransisco HBO special.

I should just start calling this segment the Friday Flashback with Dave Chappelle, but whatever. I like the guy I think he’s funny, so there you go. I’ll start looking for other comedian material next week.


We Break the Dawn by Michelle Williams

Well, I don’t think anyone saw this one coming or maybe I’ve just had my blinders on during the entire Destiny’s Child sega.  It seems that former member of the platinum selling group is emerging as an entirely different talent than the demire songbird capable of only carrying the bridge and holding down background vocals.  On her upcoming solo album she’s not only flashing a new style but she’s also projecting her talented voice.


Her first single from the album “We Break the Dawn” is a grabber.  Though it is a little T-Painish, I can hear it pumping in every gay club in America.  Her vocals are definitely better than the ones she had to display during her run with DC ( kinda makes you wonder if all the rumors about DC management wanting Beyonce’s vocals to outshine everyone else’s in the group were true).   Her new sexy promo pictures go perfectly with this spunky song.  She also get props for getting her name, sound and pictures out before the day her album drops…Kelly should be taking notes for her next album.

Dave Chappelle’s appearance from Def Poetry Jam. What can I say when it comes to funny Dave Chappelle is still one of my favorites. Speaking of Def Poetry Jam, I have a poem for any super sensitive person who may come across this post and think about posting some “i’m offended” response. Here we go:

Jokes are jokes and should be taking as such

so if you are offended, I don’t don’t give a…well use your imagination.

Music: Valerie by Amy Winehouse

I’m bias when it come to Mario on Dancing with the Stars and that’s why I only post his dancing segments.   I love to watch the debates going on on Youtube about whether he’s confident or cocky, either way I just love to watch the young boy dance even though I’m not a big fan of his music.


Make Me Sick is a bonus track from Danity Kane’s sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse, which they should have titled “Babes in Candyland”. The album’s a little too gum wrappers and pom poms for me but I’d still hate to see them scrubbing the feet of Day 26. It would be a devastating blow for all women kind, lol.


Kelly Rowland – Broken

Broken has Kelly Rowland sounding more like a broken record than a breath of fresh air with her seemingly never ending whining of how some guy is giving her a broken heart. This is a track from Kelly’s re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly available for download Marck 25, of course if you can’t wait to waste your money then you can get it now on Itunes. I’m so over her broken heart and inability to move on. She need to take a note from Keyshia Cole and just let it go.

Kelly  has got to have the worst management and publicity team in the business.  I’ve seen reality t.v. stars who get better press than she does. Example, Tiffany “New York” Pollard whenever she has a new show coming on, the public knows about it six months in advance and VH1 advertises it nonstop to keep the date and time of its premiere on the consumers mind. Not to mention the flood of attention her ex-band mate Beyonce received when she re-released that garbage B-Day album of hers, complete with video for each of those whack ass songs and a bombardment of commercials, interviews and t.v. appearances.  Kelly can’t even get a late night commercial between infomercials and 900 numbers advertising the re-release date of her sophomore flop. Poor Kelly, it’s going to take a lot more than a boob job and tracks like this one to make this re-release a success.