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Category Archives: Sarah Silverman

Add this year to another “suck ass” year for the MTV Movie Awards with a lame host and even lamer jokes by presenters. Why oh why must MTV hire these half ass comics to host the show? This year’s choice was a real nobody. Really…who in the hell is Sarah Silverman? Another D-List comedian desperate for work…if they’re gonna use a D-List comic, then they should have gotten Kathy Griffen. At least she’s famous for being on the D-List and more importantly…at least she’s funny. Sarah’s brand of sarcasm is like the dorky girl in your six grade math class who always laughs at her own jokes because no one else gets them. Of course, her public display of kicking people while they’re down, may had proved she had balls but it also proved she was a complete asshole desperate for the spotlight.

I can’t believe I’m saying it but, I really felt sorry for Paris Hilton last night. She looked as if she were going to break down crying at any moment, while Sarah performed degrading jokes about her and her impending jail sentence. Sarah definitely turned it into her chance to get back at all of the pretty girls who had ever shunned her…It was so her chance to be like “yeah well, you may be richer, prettier and more popular than me but at least I’m not going to jail….so take that rich bitch.” I didn’t even watch the rest of the award show…I just yourtubed the part that I wanted to see………

Rihanna or Little Miss Sunshine, as Jay-Z is billing her nowadays, was absolutely gorgeous and her performance of her new hit single Umbrella was pretty good. But if she is going to try to propel herself to Beyonce status, she is going to have to step up her stage presence. She needs to use those dancing skills and own the stage. She still seems to be holding back, but all in all it was a good performance. She was backed by alot of smoke and mirrors with fire “raining” from the sky…and of course Jay-Z was there…I guess to lend his superstar status to her performance.

Other than that, I couldn’t even watch that bullshit. The show couldn’t hold my attention for more than five or ten minutes. I only flipped back to see if I could catch Rihanna’s performance and I finally just ended up watching a special on TLC about the astronaunt who drove 15 hours wearing a diaper to confront her lover’s new girlfriend.