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Saaphyri at 2007 BET Awards

Saaphyri  wins!!! It came down between Leilene, the stripper, and Saaphyri, the hoodrat. Yes, between the reformed stripper and the remade hoodrat…the hoodrat wins! Don’t feel sorry for Leilene though, she won an agent as her consolation prize. Saaphyri even got those God awful ugly Ugh boots back. I thought that my eyes would roll out of the sockets, when she fell to her knees thanking god and crying…that was not charming. I don’t know, maybe she was that moved. Who am I to judge?

It has been apparent that Saaphyri had won for the past week or so though, with her popping up at celebrity events during the week leading up to the BET awards. The only other Charm School ladies photoed were Goldie (Courtney) and Boots (Larissa) and we all know neither of them were going to win. Plus, it was evident by her full body overhaul that she had come into some money. I wonder if she put a down payment on her own house? If so, then good for her!

A part of the show that I really did enjoy was after Shay was railroaded off by Becky, Saaphyri and Leilene, MoNique brought her back as the surprise judge to decide who would go on to win the $50,000.  Lesson learned: Watch who you step on as you climb your way to the top.  Shay stepped up and proved that she was a REAL woman after all. When put in a situation, in which many of us would most likely seek revenge, Shay rose to the occasion and put her personal feeling aside and make her decision…kind of. The highlights of the show can be see on Vh1’s VSpot.