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Category Archives: Pervasive Development Disorder

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I came across this ad from Jay-Z’s “I Will Not Lose” Campaign and it gave me a new respect for the man. It was like a refreshing breathe of air to see a campaign from a hip hop artist/mogul that wasn’t flooded with stars and half naked women pushing a product. This commercial doesn’t even seem like a commercial. It seems more like a Public Service Announcement…and I like the message.

My son has also been diagnosed with PDD or Pervasive Development Disorder a disorder that falls under the Autism Spectrum. PDD is just a fancy way for the specialist to say that a child has characteristics of classic Autism but does not fit neatly into any category of the disorder. It has been an uphill battle for me with the schools, after school programs, the doctors, specialist and the general public, who treat children with any learning disorder as if they are a lost cause. Well, they are not a lost cause and I urge every parent of Autistic child to learn as much as your brain can hold about your child’s disorder, know the disorder inside and out and be able to relay the symptoms and how they relate to your child personally.

Don’t be afraid to let your child interact with “normal children” because the separation makes both your child, as well as, the other children think that their disorder is a bad thing. Don’t be afraid to tell the doctor that you do not agree with something, whether it be the medicine prescribed or the diagnosis. There is nothing wrong with a second opinion, in fact, make sure to get one from an accredited doctor or specialist. Lastly, list to the message in this ad and take it to heart. The road is hard and long, filled with tears, anger and at time blinding frustrations, but when you’ve gone to bat for your baby and you’ve done all you possibly know how to do and still feel like your getting nowhere…do the impossible because when it comes to your child you can’t afford to lose.

So, my battle rages on and the successes have gotten much sweeter, and now thanks to Jay-Z, I have a new battle cry. I can not…will not…wont’ not…I WILL NOT LOSE!