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Here’s a Friday Funny from the popular Rob and Big Show on MTV.

Today’s Friday Funny comes courtesy of YouTube and is as cute as it is funny.

4/25/2005 GMA Performance

For the past week Mariah Carey’s ego has been on Super Diva with her showing up to an album signing two hours late and then not even signing all of the CDs after fans had been promised she would and let’s not forget how the claws came out when Leona Lewis was compared to her. But today Karma bit Mariah in the butt when her back up track began started at the first verse instead on the intro. For a moment, you could see her inner Diva boiling over but professionalism prevailed and she improvised and at one point towards the end she sings to her backup singers to stop singing her part. On a good note, the dress she had on was very pretty and though it was short it was still less trashy then her usual attire, but if you can’t walk down a few steps without help then you really need to rethink your shoe game or at least practice before you go on stage.

Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who (Movie Trailer)

So, I took the family to see this Dr. Seuss classic on the big screen and it did not disappoint. As usual Blue Sky, the creators of Ice Age, have worked their computer animation magic along with colorful voices of Steve Carell, as the mayor, Jim Carey, as Horton and Carrol Bernnett as the evil Kangaroo to bring the words of my favorite childhood author to life. The jokes are intellectual enough for the parents to enjoy but not to adult for the children to enjoy which is an important factor in a quality family movie.

There are also a couple of unexpected yet pleasant surprises within the the movie that makes it stand out from any cartoon animation movies before it. I would definitely suggest this movie as a must see for the family, as well as, a sappy girl because this movie makes a great date that you can drag your man to and he’ll actually enjoy the jokes while you’ll get to shed a tear. Awwww, LOL. To make things even sappier, here’s the cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hatches the Egg:

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Sex In The City Trailer Courtesy of Yahoo

Yahoo! Just put up the trailer for a major “must see” movie on my very short list of movies to “must see” and I just had to do my part to pass it on.  You know, I just cried and cried during the final episode of “Sex and the City” on HBO, as it seemed that all the girls had gotten her fairytale ending and in, what I would guess is, true New York fashion.  Of course, being a true Southern girl, I don’t have much to go on but that’s how I would imagine it.  But anywho, I am dying to see this movie. I may even round of the girlfriends and make a girl’s day of it…you know no kids, no husbands or boyfriends just shopping, spa, dinner and this movie.