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Comeback by Kelly Rowland

Work by Kelly Rowland

I was skimming through the blogs and ran across the “new” Kelly Rowland video for the song Comeback posted on Concrete Loop that is supposedly released in conjunction with her re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly. Well there are a couple parts missing in her top half that make it clearly obvious that these are old videos featuring a pre-op Ms. Kelly. I’m glad she put out a video for Comeback, which should have been her first release off the first release of her album. I went back and listened to the Ms. Kelly album again and even though I am rooting for Kelly, like a high school cheerleader at a football game, I have to admit that it is chopped full of love songs sounding like some woman afraid to let some deadbeat guy go. But that’s neither here nor there, Kelly need all of the advertisement she can get so here you go. I’ve done my part to help. One thing that can be said about Kelly Rowland is that her body is fierce and face is flawless. You betta WORK, girl!


We Break the Dawn by Michelle Williams

Well, I don’t think anyone saw this one coming or maybe I’ve just had my blinders on during the entire Destiny’s Child sega.  It seems that former member of the platinum selling group is emerging as an entirely different talent than the demire songbird capable of only carrying the bridge and holding down background vocals.  On her upcoming solo album she’s not only flashing a new style but she’s also projecting her talented voice.


Her first single from the album “We Break the Dawn” is a grabber.  Though it is a little T-Painish, I can hear it pumping in every gay club in America.  Her vocals are definitely better than the ones she had to display during her run with DC ( kinda makes you wonder if all the rumors about DC management wanting Beyonce’s vocals to outshine everyone else’s in the group were true).   Her new sexy promo pictures go perfectly with this spunky song.  She also get props for getting her name, sound and pictures out before the day her album drops…Kelly should be taking notes for her next album.


Kelly Rowland – Broken

Broken has Kelly Rowland sounding more like a broken record than a breath of fresh air with her seemingly never ending whining of how some guy is giving her a broken heart. This is a track from Kelly’s re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly available for download Marck 25, of course if you can’t wait to waste your money then you can get it now on Itunes. I’m so over her broken heart and inability to move on. She need to take a note from Keyshia Cole and just let it go.

Kelly  has got to have the worst management and publicity team in the business.  I’ve seen reality t.v. stars who get better press than she does. Example, Tiffany “New York” Pollard whenever she has a new show coming on, the public knows about it six months in advance and VH1 advertises it nonstop to keep the date and time of its premiere on the consumers mind. Not to mention the flood of attention her ex-band mate Beyonce received when she re-released that garbage B-Day album of hers, complete with video for each of those whack ass songs and a bombardment of commercials, interviews and t.v. appearances.  Kelly can’t even get a late night commercial between infomercials and 900 numbers advertising the re-release date of her sophomore flop. Poor Kelly, it’s going to take a lot more than a boob job and tracks like this one to make this re-release a success.

So the beautiful Ms. Kelly Rowland decided to go from this:


To this:


Which leaves me to ask? What’s the big damn deal? She’s sexy either way and I say if you want to tweak your your sexy and have the money to do so then good for you. It’s not like she went all Lil Kim at the plastic surgeon’s office. She went for a more natural tasteful look. It’s easy to shun and say “I can’t believe she did that.” or “why would she mess herself up like that” or tell the biggest lie of all by saying “I wouldn’t get plastic surgery if I were her, when the truth is most women would if they could afford it. We’ve all looked in the mirror at one time or another and said “If I could just get this little pooch around my belly sucked out” or “if I could just go up one cup six” .” Kelly just has the financial means to act on her desires to change a part of her body.

A great big thumbs up to Kelly for keeping quiet until it was time to re-release her album. Way to get your name back in everyone’s mouths. You go girl!



After pushing her album back for nearly a year and a half, Kelly Rowland’s sophomore efforts “Ms Kelly” is set to debut to staggeringly low numbers. She is set to sell under 100,000 copies of her album leaving her ranking number 6. Poor management, poor promotion and poor planning have left Kelly in a position that will make it hard for her to get another record company to take a chance on her. It’s evident that she alone does not move units.

Kelly pushed back her June 26 release date because she didn’t want to go up against 50 cents, whose album was scheduled to release but was also pushed back. She did however feel confident enough to go up against T.I. the self proclaimed King of the South, who is set to sale over 500,000 units. Whose brilliant idea was that. After lackluster performances and numerous release dates, it seems that fans have lost interest in Kelly. Though her album is not that bad, in fact it sounds just as craptacular as that B-Day mess Beyonce put out, but Kelly just doesn’t have the star power to sell us a load of bullshit. She’s a beautiful girl with a body that supermodels would envy, but she needs more stage presence and a better show.

I can’t wait to see if the Knowles clan is going to throw all of it’s resources behind pushing this album down the public throats. Will we see a video for every song on this album? Will Kelly get to release video and singles for five of her songs on this album? Are we going to see her almost every other day on TRL or BET? Is there going to be a Spanish version of “Like This” released? Is she going to do a crossover duet with Kelly Clarkson? Are MTV, VH1 and BET going to start showing the commercial for her album nonstop? The answer to these question is NO. Kelly has pretty much gotten all of the promotion she is going to get and unless she has some remixes that are going to thrust her into stardom, then her solo career is pretty much over. I was really rooting for Kelly but I feel that it is all over for her.

Don’t you hate when you buy an album from your favorite artist and you wish you could have listened to it first. Me too. Here are enough songs hopefully to help you decide. What? I know you didn’t think I was gonna give you the whole album.


Kelly Rowland – Comeback, Ghetto ft Snoop Dog, Work, Flashback, Every Thought is You,


Warning: T.I. uses very explicit language. If you don’t like profanity, then don’t listen to the tracks below because they are full of just that. Thank You.

T .I: T.I. vs T.I.P – The Act 1, Raw, You Know What It Is, Da Dopeman, Watch What You Say to Me

Well, I watched the BET Awards 2007 and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, the BET Awards are only good for one or two performances and they move soooo slow, but those are just some of the things that come along with an Award show that is still in it’s infancy. This show was really very good and I managed to watch the entire show. I never get into who won what because these shows are set up to give awards to whomever is the hottest thing going at the time.

Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday Duet

The show started out on a very HIGH note with the vocal acrobatics of Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday singing “And I’m telling you I’m not going” as a duet. It sounded like church…a black church and though it was a little bit over the top for me, it was still of very moving performance. Both ladies showcased why there has been so much praise over their vocal talents in singing this particular song.


Monique repeated her rendition of Beyonce this year bringing her fellow big girls on stage to break it down to Beyonce’s “Deja Vue”. She even got LL Cool J to remove her heel…and what lady wouldn’t want that. Beyonce stayed innovative with her entrance as a robot and it created an instant buzz in the after show. I accredit to her star status because besides the entrance, she didn’t do anything different from the video for the song “Get Me Bodied” which is the song that she performed. I did like that she brought Monique out on the stage with her to dance a lil’ bit.

Kelly Rowland

Beyonce’s performance and the introduction of Ms. Kelly Rowland ran concurrently. Kelly really let her sexy out tonight and with her perfect body and legs that seem to go on forever she gave her best performance with Eve of her song “Like This” that I’ve seen to date. Kelly and Beyonce were joined by Solange, Beyonce’s little sister, and fellow Destiny’s Child member Michelle.

Diddy, Keisha Cole and Lil’ Kim

Let me say, I am not a Puff Daddy…excuse me, Diddy fan. He and Keisha Cole were joined on stage by Lil’ Kim to perform Diddy’s “Last Night”. The audience were very excited to have Lil’ Kim on the stage performing. Keisha’s vocals were perfect and I was pleasantly surprised that Diddy’s performance actually warranted the applause he received.


Ne-yo put on a good show visually with his song “Because of You” but his singing was really lacking. He was joined on stage by Fabolous (I know he spells it like that for trademarking reasons but I hate that spelling) for the song “You Make Me Better”.


T.I.’s performance was good also, but he’s always a crowd mover. He give more energy than most rappers now and days and it’s always funny to watch him talk to himself at the beginning of his performance. I was glad to see him apologized for his behavior earlier in the week (it was rumored that he punched Ludacris’ s manager Chaka Zulu earlier in the week at a charity event). It showed how much of a man he really is.

Gerald Levert Tribute

The Gerald Levert tribute by Eddie Levert, Pattie LaBelle, Gladys Knight and Yolanda Adams started out very beautiful, but turned into another vocal acrobatics show starring Pattie LaBelle. The idea was beautiful and that was enough to make keep me tuned in. Public Enemy’s tribute to James Brown was more of a tribute to Public Enemy. They did various old Public Enemy hits and only one James Brown song “I’m Black and I’m Proud’. I guess that they’ve sampled so much of his music that any of their songs really are a tribute to James Brown.

Ciara gave a good performance, as usual her vocals weren’t as good as her dancing, but she really makes you want to get and “try” some of her moves, but then reality sinks in and you realize…hey this girl is in phenomenal shape. I wonder if the rumors about she and 50 are true. Probably not, besides if it is and they want to keep that secret who am I to complain.

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke, a fan favorite, performed his hit “Lost Without You”. He maintain that soft high pitch sound and manage to get a little dancing in during the bridge

50 cents

Last but not least in the performance categories, Fifty cents…Curtis Jackson, as he’s known by the government, gave the wackest performance of the night. For almost a month BET’s been running this promotion featuring 50 in where the viewers at home vote by internet or via text message for which song he’d perform at the award show. The public chose “Amusement Park” and visually the stage was set for an entertaining performance. That is until 50 came out at and walked around the stage and in the audience through the entire first verse just holding his mic. His hype man didn’t know what to do and just continued calling his name, in hopes that 50 would start the performance. It is rumored that BET asked him not to perform the first verse, but if that true couldn’t he have cleaned up the verse or written a whole new one. He is supposed to be a rapper…isn’t he. He sucked! Plain and simple.

The Diana Ross Tribute

The show paid tribute Gerald Levert and Jame Brown, but the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Diana Ross. Her life was celebrated through her songs being sung by Chaka Khan, Erykah Bahdu and Stevie Wonder. Don Cheadle was given the Humanitarian award for his work in bringing awareness to Darfur. He seemed in just as much disbelief of receiving an award as Oscar Winning American dreamgirl, Jennifer Hudson, who continuously remark on her disbelief of receiving an award when she doesn’t even have an album out. If you missed the show don’t worry, I’m sure BET will be showing it over and over and over and over….