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Category Archives: Friday Funny

Here’s a Friday Funny from the popular Rob and Big Show on MTV.

Today’s Friday Funny comes courtesy of YouTube and is as cute as it is funny.

Dave Chappelle 1997 San Fransisco HBO special.

I should just start calling this segment the Friday Flashback with Dave Chappelle, but whatever. I like the guy I think he’s funny, so there you go. I’ll start looking for other comedian material next week.

Dave Chappelle’s appearance from Def Poetry Jam. What can I say when it comes to funny Dave Chappelle is still one of my favorites. Speaking of Def Poetry Jam, I have a poem for any super sensitive person who may come across this post and think about posting some “i’m offended” response. Here we go:

Jokes are jokes and should be taking as such

so if you are offended, I don’t don’t give a…well use your imagination.

Dave Chappelle Show Skit “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

This week’s Friday Funny comes via The Chappelle Show. Like millions of dedicated Chappelle fans I wished things could have worked out so that Dave could have finished his show the way that he wanted but it didn’t work out that way. So big ups to Dave for holding onto his dignity and knowing what he could and couldn’t live with. Here is one of the skits that helped make the show a success.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so I decided to start posting what I will be calling “The Friday Funny”. I don’t have any idea what this guy is saying but the jokes translate to any language. If I had to translate then I would guess that this guy rigged a skeleton to a remote controlled motorbike and then had it ride up behind unsuspecting passersby to scare the crap out of them.  It’s been on for awhile but I still think it’s funny. Enjoy!