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Rumpshaker by Deelishis

So, it seems that every other gossip blog on the internet is trashing London “Deelishis” Charles over her new song, as well as, the video for her first single “Rumpshaker”. I think that most of critism of her is coming from the displeasure with her enormous booty. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the song or video. She isn’t doing or saying anything that any other artist is doing. She’s shaking her ass and showing off her body like every other woman in music right now. The video and choreography looked like something you’d find in a Beyonce video…complete with the part from the “Get Me Bodied” video/song where she instructs the ladies to do ridiculous dances.I know the Beyonce fanatics will argue that Beyonce’s dancing is classy…well there is no way to SHAKE YOUR ASS!!! Let’s just get that out there. Beyonce dropped down and swept the floor with her ass the same way Deelishis did…a move you would find in AnyStripClub, USA…but this is not a Beyonce/Deelishis comparison.

Seriously, I don’t know what people were expecting. Let’s face it…it’s that BIG behind and then her great personality that make Deelishis memorable…but mostly it’s that big ass. Don’t hate Ms. Charles for knowing and using what she has naturally to brand herself. That’s just good business sense…which is making her some serious bank I might add. She makes an almost ridiculous income from just dragging that bountiful blessing behind her to various engagement, plus she even started a clothing line for the countless women who have a hard time finding jean to fit their ample asses and small waist. I wish someone would pay me to just show up to an event with my big ass in tow.

Then there are these idiots with all of these morals judging her. Kiss my ass! Again if someone paid me just to show up with my big ass in tow and smile for pictures…let’s just say I wouldn’t be blogging…I’d be to busy showing up, lol. I think the vulgarity( and I don’t mean that in a negative way) of her body make people, especially women feel uneasy and it’s mainly because it’s something that you can’t easily look away from or believe. Most people can’t believe that she has that much muscle control over an ass that big…I know I can’t and contrary to popular belief every woman CANNOT shake her ass like a stripper.

I love Deelishis. I think the song is just as listenable as that “Pop, Lock and Drop It”, “Get Me Bodied”, “Umbrella”, “Buy You A Drink”, and any ass shaking song coming out of the South (home of yours truly) right now. So she’s shaking her ass…so what…that’s happening in AnyClub, USA any night of the week. And for all of the dumbasses who keep saying “what is she gonna do when her ass starts sagging”…she gonna sit back on it and count all the money she made while it was still plump. Shake on Deelishis, shake on.