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Tocarra wearing Respect M.E. by Missy (Photos from BET)

BET premeired its annual Rip The Runway fashion show last night(March 4, 2008) with Nelly and Lauren London acting as co-host while Diddy served as Executive producers (reminding us as various intervals of the show of the fact that he was in fact the shows executive producer). You know, I try to support BET but I really think that having a live act like Missy, who strives to put on an energy filled performance every time she hits the stage, is not a good look. It makes for too much going on at once and makes it hard to focus on the fashions on the runway.


Missy’s Respect M.E. Collection

During Missy’s set I couldn’t tell who was a model and who was a dancer. I’m sure this makes for an exciting show if your are in the audience but as a television performance it sucks. This is the same reason why I never watch Fashion Rocks.


Rich and Infamous by Snoop


Coco Ri by Shawnte Broadus


Rich and Infamous

Snoop Dogg and his Boss Lady premiered their new clothing lines Young and Infamous and Coco Ri, with Snoop performing in the background where so that the clothes could actually be seen. Of course his models could have used the distraction to take away from the terrible walks they were displaying on the runway. BET does give a big girl a chance to strut it out on the runway and that’s always a plus.


Lauren London in Zac Posen with co-host Nelly

In BET’s attempt to diversify their annual Rip the Runway show it featured designs by Zac Posen and I’m sure this wil be the only chance a black model gets to rock any of his gear on a runway anywhere. N.E.R.D provided music for these models to sashay to .


Zac Posen


Lauren London, Diddy and Cassie

Puff…P. Diddy…Diddy…Sean John….one of those people served as executive producer and showcased his line of men’s wear and introduce the faces of women’s line Lauren London and Cassie. I’m glad Cassie caught on to the hint about not being able to sing and pick a profession that requires that she keep her mouth shut. Diddy’s Bad Boy artist Day 26 performed along with Cheri Dennis of Timberland fame.


Snoop from The Wire in Sean John


Coat dress by Sixx Foota designed by

Anita Watkins for the tall woman.



This girl had the biggest Apple Bottom on the stage

in Apple Bottom stripes by Nelly that weren’t forgiving

of her ample shape.


Tocarra wearing stretch denim Apple Bottom.

She’s a sexy big girl.



Monif C creates a slimming silhouette for the Size Sexy Woman

While Monif C and Sixx Foota strolled down the runway to the sounds of Webbie’s runaway hit I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T, Nelly’s models strutted to the tune of Flo Rida and T-Pain’s “Get Lo” or whatever. I hate that song. Diddy seemed more like the host than the executive producer but other than that I can’t say that I saw anything on the runway that made me want to run out and buy it.