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Category Archives: 50 Cent

Lil’ Wayne fourth solo album effort paid off nicely for the Southern rapper, as it debuted on the charts at number 1 on the Billboard chart crushing the competition this week by selling amazingly just over a million albums. Not since 50 cents The Massacre in March 2005 sold 1.1 million copies had a record moved that many units, with Kayne West’s The Graduation  coming close with the best debut in 2007 with 957,000 copies sold.  Does this establish Lil’ Wayne as the new King of Hip Hop?  I don’t know.  The boy has a crazy flow that has matured over the years to definitely put him in my top ten of “Best That Ever Done It”.  But if you listen to Jay-Z, then men lie, women lie but the number don’t and the numbers stack up highly in Lil’ Wayne’s favor.