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Usher Make Love in This Club

Well it all comes out in the wash doesn’t it?  A week or so ago blog after blog was posting about how R&B superstar Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, was acting a fool on the set.  Supposedly she was there in a professional manner and not just as the cling-on wife as the stylist for the shoot, and she was reported as dressing Keri Hilson like a hot mess, in an attempt to make her look less sexy in the video beside Usher.  So of course that prompted a Lil Looky Lou like me to check out the video to see if, in fact, the wife toned down the video vixen part that Keri Hilson was playing….

….what’s the big damn deal!!!  Judging by the video Tameka dressed Keri Hilson rather well. Keri Hilson is an R&B singer, not the average video girl so my question is just how did they want Tameka to dress her?  Did they expect her to have her in a two piece bikini or  a skirt so short we could see her thong?  Did they want her topless with pasties covering her nipples sporting a pair of bootie shorts? Give me a F*cking break!  This is just another case of word of mouth getting out of hand.  I think everyone wants Tameka to be insecure and it’s much easier to make people believe that an older woman would be jealous and petty when she dating a younger man and there’s a younger woman in his presence.  If an older woman has a younger man then she’s not worried about a young girl taking him because she already knows the games and tricks that the young girl is still trying to figure out.  Usher is off the market ladies…live with it.

I think Tameka did a great job of making Keri look both sexy and classy at the same time. Showing that you don’t have to be naked to be sexy. Kudos to both women for that.


  1. I love your minor tirade…and I agree completely.

  2. LOL! I really did sound off on my little soapbox today, didn’t I? Well, at least you agree with me, lol.

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