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Kelly Rowland – Broken

Broken has Kelly Rowland sounding more like a broken record than a breath of fresh air with her seemingly never ending whining of how some guy is giving her a broken heart. This is a track from Kelly’s re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly available for download Marck 25, of course if you can’t wait to waste your money then you can get it now on Itunes. I’m so over her broken heart and inability to move on. She need to take a note from Keyshia Cole and just let it go.

Kelly  has got to have the worst management and publicity team in the business.  I’ve seen reality t.v. stars who get better press than she does. Example, Tiffany “New York” Pollard whenever she has a new show coming on, the public knows about it six months in advance and VH1 advertises it nonstop to keep the date and time of its premiere on the consumers mind. Not to mention the flood of attention her ex-band mate Beyonce received when she re-released that garbage B-Day album of hers, complete with video for each of those whack ass songs and a bombardment of commercials, interviews and t.v. appearances.  Kelly can’t even get a late night commercial between infomercials and 900 numbers advertising the re-release date of her sophomore flop. Poor Kelly, it’s going to take a lot more than a boob job and tracks like this one to make this re-release a success.

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