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With Bad Boy R&B group Day 26 dropping their album Day 26 on the 26 day of March (note the marketing savvy), I thought that it was time to track down some of the potential songs on their album and bring them to you so you could decide whether you were going to help them earn mani-pedis from the girls of Danity Kane. Apparently, there is a bet between the two groups that whomever sells the most downloads on Itunes gets the loser to personally provide them with manicures and pedicures. Personally, I’d much rather listen to the guys than girls because the guys are leaning towards classic R&B while the girls are going for a more sugary pop, rebirth of Britney Spears slash N sync, futuristic thing and I’m just soooo not ready for another Pop explosion. Plus, there’s only so much of Aubrey’s heavy breathing and breathy seductive singing that I can stand. The guys are like a fresh breathe of air but that’s just my opinion you be the judge.

Come In (My Door Is Open)

Are We In This Together

Over Now

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