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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Dave Chappelle’s appearance from Def Poetry Jam. What can I say when it comes to funny Dave Chappelle is still one of my favorites. Speaking of Def Poetry Jam, I have a poem for any super sensitive person who may come across this post and think about posting some “i’m offended” response. Here we go:

Jokes are jokes and should be taking as such

so if you are offended, I don’t don’t give a…well use your imagination.

Music: Valerie by Amy Winehouse

I’m bias when it come to Mario on Dancing with the Stars and that’s why I only post his dancing segments.   I love to watch the debates going on on Youtube about whether he’s confident or cocky, either way I just love to watch the young boy dance even though I’m not a big fan of his music.


Recently, I’ve been getting numerous emails about the “Heart of the City” tour tickets that I posted for sale a couple of weeks ago.  Since I still have them and there are some potential buyers,  I thought I’d post the Ebay links  to the tickets, again.

There are actually 4 tickets now with 1 pair on one row and the other on another row but in the same section..

1st pair:  Section 8, Row F, Seats 7 and 8

2nd pair: Section 8, Row R, Seats 7 and 8


Make Me Sick is a bonus track from Danity Kane’s sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse, which they should have titled “Babes in Candyland”. The album’s a little too gum wrappers and pom poms for me but I’d still hate to see them scrubbing the feet of Day 26. It would be a devastating blow for all women kind, lol.


Kelly Rowland – Broken

Broken has Kelly Rowland sounding more like a broken record than a breath of fresh air with her seemingly never ending whining of how some guy is giving her a broken heart. This is a track from Kelly’s re-release of her sophomore album Ms. Kelly available for download Marck 25, of course if you can’t wait to waste your money then you can get it now on Itunes. I’m so over her broken heart and inability to move on. She need to take a note from Keyshia Cole and just let it go.

Kelly  has got to have the worst management and publicity team in the business.  I’ve seen reality t.v. stars who get better press than she does. Example, Tiffany “New York” Pollard whenever she has a new show coming on, the public knows about it six months in advance and VH1 advertises it nonstop to keep the date and time of its premiere on the consumers mind. Not to mention the flood of attention her ex-band mate Beyonce received when she re-released that garbage B-Day album of hers, complete with video for each of those whack ass songs and a bombardment of commercials, interviews and t.v. appearances.  Kelly can’t even get a late night commercial between infomercials and 900 numbers advertising the re-release date of her sophomore flop. Poor Kelly, it’s going to take a lot more than a boob job and tracks like this one to make this re-release a success.


With Bad Boy R&B group Day 26 dropping their album Day 26 on the 26 day of March (note the marketing savvy), I thought that it was time to track down some of the potential songs on their album and bring them to you so you could decide whether you were going to help them earn mani-pedis from the girls of Danity Kane. Apparently, there is a bet between the two groups that whomever sells the most downloads on Itunes gets the loser to personally provide them with manicures and pedicures. Personally, I’d much rather listen to the guys than girls because the guys are leaning towards classic R&B while the girls are going for a more sugary pop, rebirth of Britney Spears slash N sync, futuristic thing and I’m just soooo not ready for another Pop explosion. Plus, there’s only so much of Aubrey’s heavy breathing and breathy seductive singing that I can stand. The guys are like a fresh breathe of air but that’s just my opinion you be the judge.

Come In (My Door Is Open)

Are We In This Together

Over Now

I have never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars and thanks to Youtube I will never have to. I only want to see 21 year old r&b singer Mario move his body around the dance floor. He looked like a professional dancer moving around the stage and was quite a joy to watch. So my vote is for Mario to win. I check back with Youtube next week to see how he’s doing and post his performance, lol.

Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who (Movie Trailer)

So, I took the family to see this Dr. Seuss classic on the big screen and it did not disappoint. As usual Blue Sky, the creators of Ice Age, have worked their computer animation magic along with colorful voices of Steve Carell, as the mayor, Jim Carey, as Horton and Carrol Bernnett as the evil Kangaroo to bring the words of my favorite childhood author to life. The jokes are intellectual enough for the parents to enjoy but not to adult for the children to enjoy which is an important factor in a quality family movie.

There are also a couple of unexpected yet pleasant surprises within the the movie that makes it stand out from any cartoon animation movies before it. I would definitely suggest this movie as a must see for the family, as well as, a sappy girl because this movie makes a great date that you can drag your man to and he’ll actually enjoy the jokes while you’ll get to shed a tear. Awwww, LOL. To make things even sappier, here’s the cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hatches the Egg:

Dave Chappelle Show Skit “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

This week’s Friday Funny comes via The Chappelle Show. Like millions of dedicated Chappelle fans I wished things could have worked out so that Dave could have finished his show the way that he wanted but it didn’t work out that way. So big ups to Dave for holding onto his dignity and knowing what he could and couldn’t live with. Here is one of the skits that helped make the show a success.


Listen First: Brandy-Dig This

Singer/Actor Brandy is throwing her towel back into the musical ring with her latest offering “Dig This”. This new track from Brandy sounds exactly like that song “Sexy Can I” by her brother Ray J…well maybe not exactly like Ray J. but really similar. After the last year’s turmoil, it’s good seeing her get back to making music but what do you guys think?