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Touch My Body by Mariah Carey

First things first, I absolutely LOVE Mariah Carey and think she is one of the best vocalist of our time…that being said. Why does she always feel the need to dress like a $5 dollar whore? Seriously. Her voice alone will sell any record she puts out so why in God’s name does she feel compelled to show her T&A at every opportunity?

I know the video is supposed to be a dream sequence from the point of view of the nerdy guy in the video or at least that what Mariah said when she premiered the video on BET’s 106 and Park, where she looked halfway decent wearing black leather pants and black lowcut halter top. That being considered, the video doesn’t even go with the song and is clearly just a vehicle to showcase her weight loss…which is understandable because if I lost weight I’d want to show it off to the world too. But making the same video over and over again wearing different versions of the same silver dress is getting a little old.

We all know that sex sells…that’s a given. It’s also a given that talents sells as well. I mean, Celine Dion sold a shitload of albums and we didn’t have to be subjected to her Victoria Secrets every time she flashed across the screen and let me just add a thank god for that one. Mariah could sing the paint off the walls if she had to and has been a top seller since the biggest debate about her was whether she were black of white. Even through her failed marriage, suspected romances with famous men and touch with lunacy, her talent as a singer has never been and will never be questioned or denied.

There’s also the “If you got it, flaunt it crowd” and them I say…KISS MY ASS…Mariah is pushing up on 40 whether she wants to accept it or not and she should know by now how to flaunt it without flashing it. This type of sexy is for someone in her early 20s who is just realizing the sexual power of her breast and bootie, whereas someone in her 30s and definitely her 40s should know how to demonstrate her sexy without putting it all out there on display.

Like I said, I LOVE Mariah but damn! Put some clothes on!

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  1. AMEN sister!

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