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Though I have not been yammering about it nonstop throughout the season doesn’t mean that I have not been watching it as if my life depended on it. Now that it down to the “real” final three, I’m ready to weigh in. I really hated that Chris went home, but I thought that Ramey deserved to be in the top 3…of course I thought that I Sweet Pea deserved to be in the top 3…I felt bad for her when she had to go home because she was so close to her life’s dream but…well somebody had to go.

I know everyone is rooting for Christen because he/she is such a “fierce” character and competitor but he’s also the stereotypical vision of what everyone thinks a designer should be…eccentric, loud, feminine…gay. His talent as a designer can’t be denied but I’m pulling for Jillian who is more artsy in terms of a designer but I love her style.

….I was just over at and it looks like Sweet Pea will be showing at Bryant Park…I don’t know how but check out this like and get a look at the Final Collections of Chris, Rami, Christian, Sweet Pea and Jillian at

From the looks of these collections Christians should be the winner hands down!

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