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The Way That I Love You by Ashanti

Okay so I’m on a video kick this week…sue me!

Anyway, I think most people will agree that when Ashanti released that “Switch” song featuring her reported boyfriend Nelly, it looked like it may have been time for Ashanti to just give it up. But in true fighter fashion Ashanti is coming back with a vengeance! Her voice is really suited for this type of whiny, heart-broken love song. I guess she was tired of people saying she was washed up and suffering from a severe case of Beyoncitis, some fictious disease cook up by some Beyonce fanatic as a reason why no other R&B singer could get a foot in the game. Besides if nothing else she’s always got her body tight and she a beautiful girl…and we know in America that’s 50% of your selling power right there. I like Ashanti and if she wants to get her Diva status back in tack she needs to stick with this type of music because it works for her…oh and Mariah could really take some tips from this girl on how to dress sexy without looking like a slut.

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