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After pushing her album back for nearly a year and a half, Kelly Rowland’s sophomore efforts “Ms Kelly” is set to debut to staggeringly low numbers. She is set to sell under 100,000 copies of her album leaving her ranking number 6. Poor management, poor promotion and poor planning have left Kelly in a position that will make it hard for her to get another record company to take a chance on her. It’s evident that she alone does not move units.

Kelly pushed back her June 26 release date because she didn’t want to go up against 50 cents, whose album was scheduled to release but was also pushed back. She did however feel confident enough to go up against T.I. the self proclaimed King of the South, who is set to sale over 500,000 units. Whose brilliant idea was that. After lackluster performances and numerous release dates, it seems that fans have lost interest in Kelly. Though her album is not that bad, in fact it sounds just as craptacular as that B-Day mess Beyonce put out, but Kelly just doesn’t have the star power to sell us a load of bullshit. She’s a beautiful girl with a body that supermodels would envy, but she needs more stage presence and a better show.

I can’t wait to see if the Knowles clan is going to throw all of it’s resources behind pushing this album down the public throats. Will we see a video for every song on this album? Will Kelly get to release video and singles for five of her songs on this album? Are we going to see her almost every other day on TRL or BET? Is there going to be a Spanish version of “Like This” released? Is she going to do a crossover duet with Kelly Clarkson? Are MTV, VH1 and BET going to start showing the commercial for her album nonstop? The answer to these question is NO. Kelly has pretty much gotten all of the promotion she is going to get and unless she has some remixes that are going to thrust her into stardom, then her solo career is pretty much over. I was really rooting for Kelly but I feel that it is all over for her.

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