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Al Sharpton has called foul on yet another blatant act of racism. Is it to protest the interracial couple being thrown out of a private club in Arkansas? No. Was there more police brutality that resulted in the death of an innocent person? No. Did a school board vote to return to segregation in a small town in the South? No (coincidentally that is happening and no sign of Rev. Sharpton here). No, the incident that has caused a media war between Rev. Shapton and gossip media giant TMZ is an article the gossip site wrote on Ms. Beyonce after the BET Awards two weeks ago. In the article, Beyonce’s scanky outfit was referred to as “Roboho”. Stop the damn presses! Someone said something negative about Beyonce. Well, we need to pull out our signs and put on our walking shoes and prepare to march in protest. How dare they say something negative about the institution that is Beyonce. Give me a f**king break!

The argument can’t be that they call Beyonce a hoe…and so what if they did she’s not the only person they’ve called a hoe or slut or scank. One thing I can say about TMZ is that they are truly and equal opportunity insulter. No one is safe from their insults…not a slutty Paris Hilton or a trailer trash Brittney Spears who are subject to insults on a daily basis by TMZ. Why should Beyonce be spared…because she’s black? If Beyonce were the only celebrity that TMZ insulted in this manner then the Reverend would have a leg to stand on, but that is not true in this case.

There is enough social and racial injustice left in the world that there is no need for the good reverend go make something out of nothing. If he needs something or someone to protest then he should be marching outside of VH1 studios for the ongoing negative light in which, they portray black women. This network openly cast women whom present themselves as, uneducated and ignorant sexpots. I am much more offended by this network portraying black women as dumb, bootylicious, skanky, gold digging hoes, willing to degrade and devalue themselves for a man or money. There’s a cause that should have called the good reverend to arms.

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