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What a let down! After an unimaginative start to this runaway hit filled with twist and turns it ended just unimaginatively. Of course, Sam changed his views and got a job and became the man of her dream…and they all lived happily ever after. Joan went to rehab, Crystal became pregnant, Lavender started working for the designer…I can’t think of his name right this minute…crap…what it is?…anyway…All the loose ends were tied and she was able to start her life anew. BULLS*&T!!!

In real life, the husband would have never agreed on 50% …but they were in California, a community property state, and there may not have been a prenup. A man as powerful as Lou would not have given up so easily. To a man that accomplished relationships are just like any other business venture and need to be conquered. Another thing that sticks in my craw is that in these types of shows/movies they always show the young girl leaving the Ex-husband in the end…does that ever happen? Usually the younger wife does, in fact, marry the Ex and then she divorces him leaving with half of what he had left.

Why do women continue to write these fairy tail books about how they were able to change some raggidy man and make him a prince charming? Again, does that ever happen in real life? In real life a Hollywood wife wouldn’t give a homeless guy the time of day, let alone chase after him. A drifter drifts and he would have continued living his life the way he had for the past five years. Once a person has been homeless for long period of time, they usually do not want to fit back into society, especially privileged society. She had a man who was ready to love her and was exactly what she was looking for in a man, but he wasn’t attractive enough for her. Wasn’t she pissed at her husband for doing the exact same thing? I mean, he chose a better looking, younger woman over her and he was considered a heel. She does the same thing but she’s liberated.

But up until the last ten minutes of the show, I was tickled pink. Especially when her husband called her to help him with his…um problem. He took 3 Viagra before being rejected by Shoshana before he could even get the proposal out and was left with a 5 hour erection. In true pig fashion she ask her to help him get rid of it and grabs her head to try to direct her in how to do it…men…but I laugh so hard when I saw it. I also loved that instead of standing by and letting her friend drink herself to death, Molly called Joan’s husband to get her some help.

The ending left me disappointed. What can I say? I’m a realist. But if you like fairly tails then you probably LOVED the ending….your such a sap, lol…just kidding…no really…You were probably crying…your such a girl, lol…okay I’m done.


  1. I was pissed….I had no idea it was going to end. Things were wrapped up too quickley if you ask me!!

  2. Finally! Someone who agrees with me. I think they could have stretched it out at least through the entire summer. I also didn’t like the way all the loose ends were tied in pretty little bows. I guess they weren’t sure how well it would do so they wanted to make answer all the questions just in case.

  3. Right on, Ms. Mills! It was a real dud of a final episode. But on the bright side, the clothes in the final episode were fab. And I loved the scene where the husband calls her to the hotel room. Hehehehehe!

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