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MoNique’s Opening at 2007 BET Awards

In 2004 Mistress of Ceremony, comedian MoNique opened the award show joined by six other vulumptuous women to recreate Beyonce’s 2003 award show performance of her hit song “Crazy in Love”…booty dance included. Her performance has been held as the most entertaining moment in BET Award Show history. It was brilliant not only because it was both creative and innovative but also because the ladies performed the routine much better than anyone thought that a big girl would or could. Those ladies really gave it a 110%.

So when MoNique was asked to host again this year the big question was, “Is she going to do another Beyonce dance routine?”. The answer came in the form of MoNique again joind by oversized dancers performing yet another rendition of a Beyonce track. This time it was “Deja Vue” and even though it’s always good to see a big girl give her dancing shoes a workout, I really wished she had come out of left field with something or someone new to impersonate.  For instance,  Ciara who always has an amazing dance routine. Now I would have been out of my seat if she could have done any part of Ciara’s routine because that girl just puts on a show.

MoNique Opening BET Awards 2004

The major difference in the performances, to me, is that when she first performed her Beyonce tribute poor Beyonce had no idea that it was going to happen and reacted accordingly. Her surprised reaction was truly genuine and she seemed to enjoy the performance just as much as the rest of the audience. This year it was evident that she was expecting to see MoNique bouncing across the stage mimicking her dance moves and so the surprise factor was missing. Again, maybe if MoNique would have come out and performed Rihanna’s “S.O.S”…completely unexpected, completely out of left field.

I have to give it to MoNique for giving an A+ effort but I was hoping for a little bit more in the way of creativity. But that’s just my opinion, you be the judge.

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  1. I realy wanted to see the full porformance i herd so many great things about it,and how much Beyonce seemed to love it. its very upsetting that i can’t seem to find it.

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