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This week our heroine, Molly, finds that her dashing mystery man is in fact…BOM,BOM,BOMMMM…homeless. That’s right, her fantasy man, Sam, doesn’t have a dime to his name…scratch that…he has a few pennies and that’s how he paid for their date to Starbucks…with a hand full of change. He even took her to see his little oasis in the woods. I had to admit. I didn’t see that particular thing coming. Anyway, she learns this info via ex-friends whom I have affectionately been referring to as bitch 1 and bitch 2. Of course, this still doesn’t stop our leading lady, with the heart of gold from being attracted to this guy…again…does this ever happen in real life?

Let’s run through all of the things that did and didn’t see coming. First we did see her ex-friend, Cristal, finding out about her husband’s romp with the nanny. We also saw him coming up with some hare brained scene with Molly’s Ex to try to beat the nanny, who was trying to blackmail him, at her own game. We didn’t see, Cristal coming home and catching the little charade and saving her husband from paying the nanny the $50,000 bribe she’d asked for and throwing both her and her cheating husband out of the house. We definitely saw Lavender moving in with Molly, who is held up in Joan’s house while she’s in “France”, but we didn’t see her bringing the dog and her Grandma too.

There has to be a reason that I’m going to watch next week right…of course. Oh the way Molly helped spring her friend Joan from rehab was completely out of left field, but somewhat entertaining…just wanted to mention that. The big mystery of Lou’s where abouts are this weeks cliffhanger, as it looks like our hunky homeless guy, Sam, may be involved. Where are Lavender and her Grammy going to go? What is going to happen with Cristal and her husband (she’ll probably take him back and their marriage will be stronger blah, blah, blah)? In short, they have peaked my curiosity. The Pond’s commercials are really touching, as it’s always inspiring to see a woman that you can’t believe it a day over 30 proudly proclaim that she is 40…something. So,I will be tuning in next Thursday and blogging about it Friday…lol.

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