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I love Debra Messing, and couldn’t wait to see her new show The Starter Wife on USA network on Thursday night. The concept isn’t new, to be perfectly honest it’s just the rehashing of the ol’ ” older wife traded in for a newer, dumber one by a sleezy, selfish, self- centered husband”. I mean how many times do we have to see the poor good hearted loving wife being kicked to the curb for the skanky young tramp. There’s even the alcoholic friend whose older, wiser and drunker than the wife, the gay designer guy, who is loyal to the wife and is completely on her side and the friend who is caught in the middle because her husband is friends with the sleezy ex and is considered disloyal…oh and here’s the not so surprising twist, the disloyal friend’s husband has a fling with the nanny(she’s completely in the dark, of course). Just like any other show or even movie of it’s kind, she’s shunned by high society and becomes a social outcast overnight…now, didn’t see that coming…and there’s even the token black girl well-spoken ghetto girl, played by Anika Noni Rose and all I can say is I hope her part gets better, because I’m tired of seeing this character in every sitcom.

So, there’s nothing new about the show and no reason to tune in to watch other than the fact that I love both Anika Noni Rose and Debra Messing. Anika Noni Rose of Dreamgirls fame is also a Tony award winning actress and to see her playing a security guard named Lavender *eyes rolling*…well, I just hope her character develops into something more dignified or at least something other than the black service worker that the rich white woman seeks advice from…does that happen in real life. I’m not filthy rich so I don’t know. Well, whatever pays the mortgage, girl. At least the character is well spoken and a student at UCLA.

Debra Messing portrays her usual comedic tragic figure, but she seems to be born to play this type of character, so hey stick to what works. Her character is hit with this divorce out of left field or so it would seem. She admittedly doesn’t love her Ex and is more committed to her lifestyle than her husband. She cries…alot! But that is another thing Debra Messing is good at and playing a weakling, and right now…her character is sooo patheticly weak, but don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll become empowered in the next show or two.

…oh, oh I almost forgot…How could I forget? There is also the sexy mysterious hunk whose attracted to Debra’s character, Molly, but he’s not making any moves *rolling eyes*. At least in this one there is an older, richer, down to earth guy who is attracted to our main character…wait, wait…I think he kills himself (and stands her up to do it…how’s that for an ego booster) in the last five minutes of the show, at least that is what we are lead to believe…isn’t that the way…when it’s her turn to be the young tramp the old guy kills himself. What the hell does that say about woman over 40?

The commercials were full of encouragement, though. They were full of women 40 and over who were just drop dead gorgeous. You know the kind of women who if they said “I’m 41” you’d immediately ask who her cosmetic surgeon is or at the least ask for some serious I.D. Pond’s was the show’s main sponsor and was even used within the show…sybliminal messaging anyone…or is that strategic product placement? Every since Demi Moore became the new poster child for woman 40 and how good they can look, it seems that with this show Hollywood has finally started taken notice…kinda.

Anyway, the show is a welcomed break from reality tv. I’m so tired of watching real people do BS they’d never do otherwise that I could just…watch cartoons…which is what I do…hey at least they’re scripted. They’ve hooked me in with the promise of some interesting scenes next week..not new but interesting. You could pretty much write this sitcom yourself. The Ex is going to ask the young tramp to marry him, the wife is gonna get a new attitude and of course, there’s gonna be something wrong with the mystery man. I’ll give the show another week…who am I kidding…I’ll watch it until they cancel it next month and then I’ll return to longing for some more shows just like it.


  1. Yeah, it’s total popcorn and very predictable, but I’m liking it too. I like Debra Messing, and they are dressing her to her best advantage. I’m not crazy about the “hunk” – I think they could have gotten someone less stiff. Joe Mantegna as “Lou” I felt was really charming… I hope he didn’t kill himself, though it certainly looks that way.

  2. Joe Mantegna. I could not for the life of me remember his name. I hope he’s not gone either, but it sure looks that way. I agree, they definitely could have found a better “hunk”. They’re surely dressing her for the path of a rich Hollywood wife. I loved that dress she wore for her date with Lou.

  3. Yeah. I loved her table setting too. What’s driving me crazy is I fell in love with her sunglasses (the black and white ones) and I want knock-offs, but nobody seems to carry them. Did you notice how they fell off her head in the drowning/ saving sequence, and then miraculously reappeared on her head a few scenes later. My guess is she went back in for them. I would have, heh!

  4. Yeah, they made a big point of showing them drift slowly downward then bam!…back on her head. But of course, her character is rich so I’m sure she has more than on pair, lol. You’ve really got the scoop on fashion for the girl on a budget. I’ll keep checking your site because I know you will find out where to find the designer knockoffs. Oh and when I visit your site I’ll be using the name MsNellCarter,..I have blogs everywhere *rolls eyes*. I’ve got to get a life…lol.

  5. I tried finding a knockoff of the dress for you… I found two that each have some aspect of that dress, but nothing came very close. I’ll keep looking though. And blogging is a life too, it’s fun, and you ‘meet’ people from around the world you might never have gotten to know otherwise 🙂

  6. omg, everywhere I turn, so many of us woman are trying to find the “sunglasses” I love them too!!! We all have to find them!

  7. I know. Everyone wants them, me included. If anyones finds them please pass on the info. I’d love to have a pair.

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