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Monthly Archives: June 2007


What a let down! After an unimaginative start to this runaway hit filled with twist and turns it ended just unimaginatively. Of course, Sam changed his views and got a job and became the man of her dream…and they all lived happily ever after. Joan went to rehab, Crystal became pregnant, Lavender started working for the designer…I can’t think of his name right this minute…crap…what it is?…anyway…All the loose ends were tied and she was able to start her life anew. BULLS*&T!!!

In real life, the husband would have never agreed on 50% …but they were in California, a community property state, and there may not have been a prenup. A man as powerful as Lou would not have given up so easily. To a man that accomplished relationships are just like any other business venture and need to be conquered. Another thing that sticks in my craw is that in these types of shows/movies they always show the young girl leaving the Ex-husband in the end…does that ever happen? Usually the younger wife does, in fact, marry the Ex and then she divorces him leaving with half of what he had left.

Why do women continue to write these fairy tail books about how they were able to change some raggidy man and make him a prince charming? Again, does that ever happen in real life? In real life a Hollywood wife wouldn’t give a homeless guy the time of day, let alone chase after him. A drifter drifts and he would have continued living his life the way he had for the past five years. Once a person has been homeless for long period of time, they usually do not want to fit back into society, especially privileged society. She had a man who was ready to love her and was exactly what she was looking for in a man, but he wasn’t attractive enough for her. Wasn’t she pissed at her husband for doing the exact same thing? I mean, he chose a better looking, younger woman over her and he was considered a heel. She does the same thing but she’s liberated.

But up until the last ten minutes of the show, I was tickled pink. Especially when her husband called her to help him with his…um problem. He took 3 Viagra before being rejected by Shoshana before he could even get the proposal out and was left with a 5 hour erection. In true pig fashion she ask her to help him get rid of it and grabs her head to try to direct her in how to do it…men…but I laugh so hard when I saw it. I also loved that instead of standing by and letting her friend drink herself to death, Molly called Joan’s husband to get her some help.

The ending left me disappointed. What can I say? I’m a realist. But if you like fairly tails then you probably LOVED the ending….your such a sap, lol…just kidding…no really…You were probably crying…your such a girl, lol…okay I’m done.

MoNique’s Opening at 2007 BET Awards

In 2004 Mistress of Ceremony, comedian MoNique opened the award show joined by six other vulumptuous women to recreate Beyonce’s 2003 award show performance of her hit song “Crazy in Love”…booty dance included. Her performance has been held as the most entertaining moment in BET Award Show history. It was brilliant not only because it was both creative and innovative but also because the ladies performed the routine much better than anyone thought that a big girl would or could. Those ladies really gave it a 110%.

So when MoNique was asked to host again this year the big question was, “Is she going to do another Beyonce dance routine?”. The answer came in the form of MoNique again joind by oversized dancers performing yet another rendition of a Beyonce track. This time it was “Deja Vue” and even though it’s always good to see a big girl give her dancing shoes a workout, I really wished she had come out of left field with something or someone new to impersonate.  For instance,  Ciara who always has an amazing dance routine. Now I would have been out of my seat if she could have done any part of Ciara’s routine because that girl just puts on a show.

MoNique Opening BET Awards 2004

The major difference in the performances, to me, is that when she first performed her Beyonce tribute poor Beyonce had no idea that it was going to happen and reacted accordingly. Her surprised reaction was truly genuine and she seemed to enjoy the performance just as much as the rest of the audience. This year it was evident that she was expecting to see MoNique bouncing across the stage mimicking her dance moves and so the surprise factor was missing. Again, maybe if MoNique would have come out and performed Rihanna’s “S.O.S”…completely unexpected, completely out of left field.

I have to give it to MoNique for giving an A+ effort but I was hoping for a little bit more in the way of creativity. But that’s just my opinion, you be the judge.

Well, I watched the BET Awards 2007 and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, the BET Awards are only good for one or two performances and they move soooo slow, but those are just some of the things that come along with an Award show that is still in it’s infancy. This show was really very good and I managed to watch the entire show. I never get into who won what because these shows are set up to give awards to whomever is the hottest thing going at the time.

Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday Duet

The show started out on a very HIGH note with the vocal acrobatics of Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday singing “And I’m telling you I’m not going” as a duet. It sounded like church…a black church and though it was a little bit over the top for me, it was still of very moving performance. Both ladies showcased why there has been so much praise over their vocal talents in singing this particular song.


Monique repeated her rendition of Beyonce this year bringing her fellow big girls on stage to break it down to Beyonce’s “Deja Vue”. She even got LL Cool J to remove her heel…and what lady wouldn’t want that. Beyonce stayed innovative with her entrance as a robot and it created an instant buzz in the after show. I accredit to her star status because besides the entrance, she didn’t do anything different from the video for the song “Get Me Bodied” which is the song that she performed. I did like that she brought Monique out on the stage with her to dance a lil’ bit.

Kelly Rowland

Beyonce’s performance and the introduction of Ms. Kelly Rowland ran concurrently. Kelly really let her sexy out tonight and with her perfect body and legs that seem to go on forever she gave her best performance with Eve of her song “Like This” that I’ve seen to date. Kelly and Beyonce were joined by Solange, Beyonce’s little sister, and fellow Destiny’s Child member Michelle.

Diddy, Keisha Cole and Lil’ Kim

Let me say, I am not a Puff Daddy…excuse me, Diddy fan. He and Keisha Cole were joined on stage by Lil’ Kim to perform Diddy’s “Last Night”. The audience were very excited to have Lil’ Kim on the stage performing. Keisha’s vocals were perfect and I was pleasantly surprised that Diddy’s performance actually warranted the applause he received.


Ne-yo put on a good show visually with his song “Because of You” but his singing was really lacking. He was joined on stage by Fabolous (I know he spells it like that for trademarking reasons but I hate that spelling) for the song “You Make Me Better”.


T.I.’s performance was good also, but he’s always a crowd mover. He give more energy than most rappers now and days and it’s always funny to watch him talk to himself at the beginning of his performance. I was glad to see him apologized for his behavior earlier in the week (it was rumored that he punched Ludacris’ s manager Chaka Zulu earlier in the week at a charity event). It showed how much of a man he really is.

Gerald Levert Tribute

The Gerald Levert tribute by Eddie Levert, Pattie LaBelle, Gladys Knight and Yolanda Adams started out very beautiful, but turned into another vocal acrobatics show starring Pattie LaBelle. The idea was beautiful and that was enough to make keep me tuned in. Public Enemy’s tribute to James Brown was more of a tribute to Public Enemy. They did various old Public Enemy hits and only one James Brown song “I’m Black and I’m Proud’. I guess that they’ve sampled so much of his music that any of their songs really are a tribute to James Brown.

Ciara gave a good performance, as usual her vocals weren’t as good as her dancing, but she really makes you want to get and “try” some of her moves, but then reality sinks in and you realize…hey this girl is in phenomenal shape. I wonder if the rumors about she and 50 are true. Probably not, besides if it is and they want to keep that secret who am I to complain.

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke, a fan favorite, performed his hit “Lost Without You”. He maintain that soft high pitch sound and manage to get a little dancing in during the bridge

50 cents

Last but not least in the performance categories, Fifty cents…Curtis Jackson, as he’s known by the government, gave the wackest performance of the night. For almost a month BET’s been running this promotion featuring 50 in where the viewers at home vote by internet or via text message for which song he’d perform at the award show. The public chose “Amusement Park” and visually the stage was set for an entertaining performance. That is until 50 came out at and walked around the stage and in the audience through the entire first verse just holding his mic. His hype man didn’t know what to do and just continued calling his name, in hopes that 50 would start the performance. It is rumored that BET asked him not to perform the first verse, but if that true couldn’t he have cleaned up the verse or written a whole new one. He is supposed to be a rapper…isn’t he. He sucked! Plain and simple.

The Diana Ross Tribute

The show paid tribute Gerald Levert and Jame Brown, but the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Diana Ross. Her life was celebrated through her songs being sung by Chaka Khan, Erykah Bahdu and Stevie Wonder. Don Cheadle was given the Humanitarian award for his work in bringing awareness to Darfur. He seemed in just as much disbelief of receiving an award as Oscar Winning American dreamgirl, Jennifer Hudson, who continuously remark on her disbelief of receiving an award when she doesn’t even have an album out. If you missed the show don’t worry, I’m sure BET will be showing it over and over and over and over….

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line Bitten  available at Steve and Barry’s clothing stores with everything under $19.98. For what the line promised, it seemed like a great idea. When I first went to view the line I wasn’t very impressed because the clothing line seemed to be full of just staple items. The things that every woman should have in her closet anyway…wait a minute…I think I just got it. This line is marketed to women on a budget, so that, guess what…they can have what most people consider staple items. A black dress, comfortable tops, lounge pants, cute tees and fashionable shoes, these are the things that make up our everyday wardrobe. Granted we all have our expensive designer threads, but do you really want to chase the kids in your $200 Seven jeans…as Whitney would say “Hell to the No”.

So after going back and just staring at every piece in the line, I finally gave in and bought a few pieces to test drive. I took the kids on a weekend trip to the beach and decided to try out some things like a pair of crop pants, white cotton shorts, and a couple of tops. The items fit really well and my husband commented that I looked slimmer in the clothes (well, that comment alone bought Ms. Parker’s line brownie points from me).  I spent a total of 50 bucks and got both outfits and a pair of very stylish sunglasses. As a woman on a budget…I was impressed. I have read a few other blogs and one of the complaints is that the clothes are poorly constructed, but I washed the clothes and they past the washer/dryer test so they have my vote for quality.  Most designer clothes come with that God awful “dry clean only” tag, that mean unnecessary ongoing cleaning cost.

Another things that some bloggers seem to be giving SJP a hard time about are her reasons for putting her name to this line. I think many people forget that Sarah Jessica Parker grew up poor, as is mother didn’t know how she was going to dress all six kids, poor.  So when she says that she fashion shouldn’t be a luxury, I believe she really feels that way, because she knows how it feels to be the kid whose parent’s can’t afford the designer clothes.  I actually found a new level of respect for her for that. It’s obvious that she loves high fashion, but I’m glad at that she and Stephon Marbury both have not forgotten that everyone can’t afford to spend $125 on shoes or $500 on one outfit.  When people think of Sarah Jessica Parker they only see Carrie in  Manolos sashaying around the streets of Manhattan in something from the latest Chanel line. It’s good to see that Sarah knows where she comes from…you know, she hasn’t forgotten the poor people, lol.

Retail is a business and I don’t care if you sell merchandise for $10 or $10,000, your goal is to make money.  Why should this business venture be a charity case for Sarah Jessica Parker.  Undoubtedly Sarah Jessica is a great businesswoman, I mean, the girl was smart enough to ask for her entire wardrobe from the Sex in the City when renewing her contract…top designer clothing for free…genius. So of course, she is lending her name to make money…she’s no fool and she’s no different from someone like Beyonce lending her face to her mother’s House of Dereon line. If you think that Ms. Beyonce isn’t cashing in on that deal your dead wrong. I don’t think we should judge someone negatively for something either one of us would do given the opportunity.


Finally, I stop into Steve and Barry’s and check out the new additions to the line am glad to report that new items are added weekly and the staff says that it’s selling really well. The items seem to have become more fashionable and I found some very cute tops today…yes, I bought them, lol. I, occasionally splurge on a designer outfit but those days of an entire wardrobe of designer label are long gone.  I love the line, but I am a mom on a budget.

Sarah Jessica Parker has just given me another reason to love her. She has launched a new affordable clothing line available only in Steve and Barry’s, called Bitten. Now, unlike every other celebrity’s slapping their name onto a clothing line that you can only afford via your credit card, lol, nothing in her 500 piece line is over $19.98. I know what your thinking…$19.98 well how good can it look for that price, or your just saying eeewww that is sooo cheap, but that is what’s great about the line. The clothes are cheap as well as fashionable and good quality. Let me tell you, I once worked in a shirt factory and they use the same materials and machines to make your $200 True Religion jeans as they do to make a pair of no name jeans coming from Wal-Mart.

I love that Sarah Jessica Parker grew up poor and knows what it feels like to not be able to afford designer or even nice clothes. So, she can relate to the family on a budget even though she is a fashion diva. She says she this line is made for every woman, with every budget, of every race and every size. Hopefully, her line will do well. I’m going in the morning to see the line first hand. I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve seen the line up close. Check it out for yourself:

This week our heroine, Molly, finds that her dashing mystery man is in fact…BOM,BOM,BOMMMM…homeless. That’s right, her fantasy man, Sam, doesn’t have a dime to his name…scratch that…he has a few pennies and that’s how he paid for their date to Starbucks…with a hand full of change. He even took her to see his little oasis in the woods. I had to admit. I didn’t see that particular thing coming. Anyway, she learns this info via ex-friends whom I have affectionately been referring to as bitch 1 and bitch 2. Of course, this still doesn’t stop our leading lady, with the heart of gold from being attracted to this guy…again…does this ever happen in real life?

Let’s run through all of the things that did and didn’t see coming. First we did see her ex-friend, Cristal, finding out about her husband’s romp with the nanny. We also saw him coming up with some hare brained scene with Molly’s Ex to try to beat the nanny, who was trying to blackmail him, at her own game. We didn’t see, Cristal coming home and catching the little charade and saving her husband from paying the nanny the $50,000 bribe she’d asked for and throwing both her and her cheating husband out of the house. We definitely saw Lavender moving in with Molly, who is held up in Joan’s house while she’s in “France”, but we didn’t see her bringing the dog and her Grandma too.

There has to be a reason that I’m going to watch next week right…of course. Oh the way Molly helped spring her friend Joan from rehab was completely out of left field, but somewhat entertaining…just wanted to mention that. The big mystery of Lou’s where abouts are this weeks cliffhanger, as it looks like our hunky homeless guy, Sam, may be involved. Where are Lavender and her Grammy going to go? What is going to happen with Cristal and her husband (she’ll probably take him back and their marriage will be stronger blah, blah, blah)? In short, they have peaked my curiosity. The Pond’s commercials are really touching, as it’s always inspiring to see a woman that you can’t believe it a day over 30 proudly proclaim that she is 40…something. So,I will be tuning in next Thursday and blogging about it Friday…lol.

Add this year to another “suck ass” year for the MTV Movie Awards with a lame host and even lamer jokes by presenters. Why oh why must MTV hire these half ass comics to host the show? This year’s choice was a real nobody. Really…who in the hell is Sarah Silverman? Another D-List comedian desperate for work…if they’re gonna use a D-List comic, then they should have gotten Kathy Griffen. At least she’s famous for being on the D-List and more importantly…at least she’s funny. Sarah’s brand of sarcasm is like the dorky girl in your six grade math class who always laughs at her own jokes because no one else gets them. Of course, her public display of kicking people while they’re down, may had proved she had balls but it also proved she was a complete asshole desperate for the spotlight.

I can’t believe I’m saying it but, I really felt sorry for Paris Hilton last night. She looked as if she were going to break down crying at any moment, while Sarah performed degrading jokes about her and her impending jail sentence. Sarah definitely turned it into her chance to get back at all of the pretty girls who had ever shunned her…It was so her chance to be like “yeah well, you may be richer, prettier and more popular than me but at least I’m not going to jail….so take that rich bitch.” I didn’t even watch the rest of the award show…I just yourtubed the part that I wanted to see………

Rihanna or Little Miss Sunshine, as Jay-Z is billing her nowadays, was absolutely gorgeous and her performance of her new hit single Umbrella was pretty good. But if she is going to try to propel herself to Beyonce status, she is going to have to step up her stage presence. She needs to use those dancing skills and own the stage. She still seems to be holding back, but all in all it was a good performance. She was backed by alot of smoke and mirrors with fire “raining” from the sky…and of course Jay-Z was there…I guess to lend his superstar status to her performance.

Other than that, I couldn’t even watch that bullshit. The show couldn’t hold my attention for more than five or ten minutes. I only flipped back to see if I could catch Rihanna’s performance and I finally just ended up watching a special on TLC about the astronaunt who drove 15 hours wearing a diaper to confront her lover’s new girlfriend.

I love Debra Messing, and couldn’t wait to see her new show The Starter Wife on USA network on Thursday night. The concept isn’t new, to be perfectly honest it’s just the rehashing of the ol’ ” older wife traded in for a newer, dumber one by a sleezy, selfish, self- centered husband”. I mean how many times do we have to see the poor good hearted loving wife being kicked to the curb for the skanky young tramp. There’s even the alcoholic friend whose older, wiser and drunker than the wife, the gay designer guy, who is loyal to the wife and is completely on her side and the friend who is caught in the middle because her husband is friends with the sleezy ex and is considered disloyal…oh and here’s the not so surprising twist, the disloyal friend’s husband has a fling with the nanny(she’s completely in the dark, of course). Just like any other show or even movie of it’s kind, she’s shunned by high society and becomes a social outcast overnight…now, didn’t see that coming…and there’s even the token black girl well-spoken ghetto girl, played by Anika Noni Rose and all I can say is I hope her part gets better, because I’m tired of seeing this character in every sitcom.

So, there’s nothing new about the show and no reason to tune in to watch other than the fact that I love both Anika Noni Rose and Debra Messing. Anika Noni Rose of Dreamgirls fame is also a Tony award winning actress and to see her playing a security guard named Lavender *eyes rolling*…well, I just hope her character develops into something more dignified or at least something other than the black service worker that the rich white woman seeks advice from…does that happen in real life. I’m not filthy rich so I don’t know. Well, whatever pays the mortgage, girl. At least the character is well spoken and a student at UCLA.

Debra Messing portrays her usual comedic tragic figure, but she seems to be born to play this type of character, so hey stick to what works. Her character is hit with this divorce out of left field or so it would seem. She admittedly doesn’t love her Ex and is more committed to her lifestyle than her husband. She cries…alot! But that is another thing Debra Messing is good at and playing a weakling, and right now…her character is sooo patheticly weak, but don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll become empowered in the next show or two.

…oh, oh I almost forgot…How could I forget? There is also the sexy mysterious hunk whose attracted to Debra’s character, Molly, but he’s not making any moves *rolling eyes*. At least in this one there is an older, richer, down to earth guy who is attracted to our main character…wait, wait…I think he kills himself (and stands her up to do it…how’s that for an ego booster) in the last five minutes of the show, at least that is what we are lead to believe…isn’t that the way…when it’s her turn to be the young tramp the old guy kills himself. What the hell does that say about woman over 40?

The commercials were full of encouragement, though. They were full of women 40 and over who were just drop dead gorgeous. You know the kind of women who if they said “I’m 41” you’d immediately ask who her cosmetic surgeon is or at the least ask for some serious I.D. Pond’s was the show’s main sponsor and was even used within the show…sybliminal messaging anyone…or is that strategic product placement? Every since Demi Moore became the new poster child for woman 40 and how good they can look, it seems that with this show Hollywood has finally started taken notice…kinda.

Anyway, the show is a welcomed break from reality tv. I’m so tired of watching real people do BS they’d never do otherwise that I could just…watch cartoons…which is what I do…hey at least they’re scripted. They’ve hooked me in with the promise of some interesting scenes next week..not new but interesting. You could pretty much write this sitcom yourself. The Ex is going to ask the young tramp to marry him, the wife is gonna get a new attitude and of course, there’s gonna be something wrong with the mystery man. I’ll give the show another week…who am I kidding…I’ll watch it until they cancel it next month and then I’ll return to longing for some more shows just like it.