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I love, love, love this show. I try not to watch alot of reality tv, because it’s always full of so much scripted drama. But my guilty pleasure is reality shows that are humorous i.e. The Rob and Big show. It’s like staged comedy. The show has the feel of a group of guys sitting around saying “dude you know what would be cool” and then let the good times and the cameras roll. Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder and Big Black is his bodyguard/security/friend and the show chronicles their hilarious antics around Hollywood.

Tonight the first episode of the second season (and let me add here that I’m glad that MTV brought these guys back for a second season) aired . The guys…or should I say Rob purchased a mini horse as a friend for their dog Meaty. Rob also cleaned his closet of clothes he had never worn, including a two thousand dollar riding jacket that he ended up throwing in the trash. He made eleven hundred dollars for selling his clothes to a second hand store, which sounds like alot until you see the seven or eight trash bags full of clothes he sent with his poor cousin/assistant Drama. I feel sorry for Drama. He has to do all of the sucky jobs that no one else want to do. Such as, cleaning up dog poop, cleaning up mini horse poop, running ridiculous errands and tonight he had to sleep outside in a tent in the mini horse’s pen, so that the mini horse wouldn’t be lonely…I mean, to protect it from coyotes. How is he going to do that? Poor Drama.

These are the types of activities I would engage in if I had a reality show. None of this tear ladened alcohol fueled drama that ends in hugs and kisses. It would be nonstop silliness. Yes, I love Rob and Big. It gives me a chance to laugh at a reality show that is actually meant to be funny.

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