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Monthly Archives: May 2007

I watch UFC fights from time to time and the fight between the Iceman and Rampage had been billed as the fight to see. Iceman on a mission, to redeem himself from the only three fights he’d lost in his career. Noble. I like the Iceman and I like Rampage (I think he’s a clown outside the ring, but a good fighter nonetheless) but the Iceman had won in the last two of three attemps to avenge himself against former losses. So, like any fight enthusiast, I watched the match and…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!

The Iceman bounced around the ring for almost a minute. WHAT! I mean, I was like “FIGHT ALREADY”. Even Rampage, was motioning to “let’s get it started”. And when the fight did start, it was over before you could get into it. Rampage popped him one good one, which knocked him out and then jumped on him and started wailing him out before the Refs ended the fight. People who paid money to actually go see this fight really got shitted out of a good match.

I can smell the rematch from here. Hardcore Iceman fans are gonna swear that he could have continued the fight,which is what the Iceman was whining to the Refs, but I saw it and he was clearly out of it. If they hadn’t jumped in Rampage was in prime position to wail his ass completely out. I keep playing it over and over and…yeah, he’s got knocked out…*replay*…yeah, he went limp and everything. It was quick but good ass whopping!

I expected more from the Iceman…I expected him to get his ass beat…but I expected it to be a hard earned “Ice” whooping!

I love, love, love this show. I try not to watch alot of reality tv, because it’s always full of so much scripted drama. But my guilty pleasure is reality shows that are humorous i.e. The Rob and Big show. It’s like staged comedy. The show has the feel of a group of guys sitting around saying “dude you know what would be cool” and then let the good times and the cameras roll. Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder and Big Black is his bodyguard/security/friend and the show chronicles their hilarious antics around Hollywood.

Tonight the first episode of the second season (and let me add here that I’m glad that MTV brought these guys back for a second season) aired . The guys…or should I say Rob purchased a mini horse as a friend for their dog Meaty. Rob also cleaned his closet of clothes he had never worn, including a two thousand dollar riding jacket that he ended up throwing in the trash. He made eleven hundred dollars for selling his clothes to a second hand store, which sounds like alot until you see the seven or eight trash bags full of clothes he sent with his poor cousin/assistant Drama. I feel sorry for Drama. He has to do all of the sucky jobs that no one else want to do. Such as, cleaning up dog poop, cleaning up mini horse poop, running ridiculous errands and tonight he had to sleep outside in a tent in the mini horse’s pen, so that the mini horse wouldn’t be lonely…I mean, to protect it from coyotes. How is he going to do that? Poor Drama.

These are the types of activities I would engage in if I had a reality show. None of this tear ladened alcohol fueled drama that ends in hugs and kisses. It would be nonstop silliness. Yes, I love Rob and Big. It gives me a chance to laugh at a reality show that is actually meant to be funny.

Hello. My name is Ms. Mills and I am a blogging addict.

Those would be the first words uttered from my mouth if there were a place for blog addicts like myself. I cannot believe how truly addictive blogging has become for me. Not only do I blog all day and everyday but I have several different blogs going. Seriously, how much talking can one woman do…ALOT!

Now that the kids are both in school, there’s nothing to do during the day. Don’t get me wrong, when my youngest started Kindergarten this past school year, I took the opportunity to go back to college and finish my degree, but classes only fill part of the morning. I started going to the gym…you know…gotta work off that “baby fat” I’ve been blaming on the kids for the past five years…but still that leaves alot of time during the day. So what is a bored housewife to do…house work. Psst…HELL NO…this ain’t the 50’s, anyway…what to do…what to do?

Just like any other addiction, I was introduced to blogging by a friend of mine who enjoys my particular brand of satire…a weirdo, right. Anyhow, she wanted me to start blogging my little tidbits of information, smart remarks and soapbox opinions in a location that she could easily access from work. (I just want to say here, it must be nice to be an IT Director and be able to chat with your unemployed housewife blog junkie friend all day via Instant Message.)

Back to the addiction, I started out on Myspace, which is quickly turning into SpamSpace…wait, wait, wait…I started out on Yahoo 360, but there were so many people looking to “hook up” (one of my twenty something friends says that’s what it’s called now) and I was just looking for someone to complain about exercise with, then I moved onto blogger where I have two blogs going…one about gossip ( hey I gotta talk about the latest gossip with someone) and one for parents of children who are Autistic (In that one I talk about the funny antics of my 8 year old Autistic son). Then I ran across this place and well…I just couldn’t pass it by. I know. Pathetic.

Just like with any addiction, in my mind I have rationalized why I need yet another blog. Well, even though I have all of the others I don’t have one dedicated soley to grips and observations. I have promised myself that I will only write to this one once a day and, that it is the last blog site that I’ll join.Yeah…that’s it. Just this one last blog and I’m off the stuff for good.

Nothing can stop me from keying away on my laptop to share my words of wisdom with the world, not even the fact that as I type this my thighs are on fire WOO…wait a minute….now that I have this towel blocking the heat radiating from my laptop I say I have about another hour before I really have to close up shop…or at least until my fingers start to cramp up. Oh Gawd…somebody stop me!